Cardinal in the Neighbors Yard

Cardinal in backyard

On Sunday my wife called me to the window and pointed out the the Cardinal. Being a native New Yorker, I have never seen a cardinal in the city, let alone in a residential area. However, once seeing it I grabbed my camera. Unfortunately the photo is not ideal, the branches, wires, fence and the constant movement of this bird made it extremely difficult to photograph. My lens was maxed out at 300mm yet focusing became tricky due to the surrounding items. The bird remained in the area for about thirty seconds, enough for me to snap a number of photos, to which the above provided a clear look at the face.

Deciding to do research on this bird, the cardinal is a native Northern bird residing frequently east of the Rocky Mountains, seen in parts of Arizona, California and New Mexico. Apparently the cardinals are expanding their territory in the last fifty years to New York and New England. Visit to get more information on the cardinal. The above information was found on this site and provides interesting details regarding this bird. I hope I have another chance to photograph this bird, especially since I have my new 1300mm lens.


Standing Quietly…

Man near court house

While waiting for the bus, I had my camera out on this extremely sunny day. Panning around, taking photos of Citi Corp, the 7 Line, etc., I was marveled at how much had changed since I was a child in the neighborhood. This image shows a building in the background, it was an old abandon court house, closed down during the 1980’s and 1990’s. While scanning the area I noticed this man standing in the shade of the tree. I found it slightly odd since he seem to have appeared out of nowhere. Prior to this man, a group of men and women had walked by and I did not notice him as they walked passed. I decided to snap a picture of this man, who blended nicely with his surroundings. I took the shot and panned to the right and snapped two more shots. I returned my gaze towards where the man was standing, he was gone. I looked towards the direction of the bridge but it was empty, I checked across the street to my left, it was empty, I look right, assuming he may have passed without interfering in my shot, it was empty.

Now, I’m not saying that this was a paranormal experience, what my paragraph is suggesting in a subtle way is simply, when you see an interesting shot, don’t hesitate, take the shot. Make sure you know your camera well enough so you do not waste time fiddling with the camera controls and taking test shots before taking the shot. Know your environment and how it will affect the photos you take  will save you a great deal of time and headaches, allowing you the chance to capture those shots that interest you. Interesting things happen all the time, odd things, funny things, amazing things, frightening things all happen in a matter of seconds. Do you want to capture those moments or miss them forever?

Nice Day for a Stroll


Nice Day for a Stroll

Taken on a warm April Thursday, in New York City Central Park. On this day everyone was out, your typical busy New Yorker, the joggers, the lovers and the tourist. A beautiful day to experience and enjoy the sites