Monday Morning in Manhattan

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On Monday I went to lower Manhattan and parts of Queens to take some shot of specific locations for a client. One of the requests was for a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge. Monday was going to be an extremely hot day, so I decided to head out in the morning. Arriving downtown I made my way to the Bridge…only to find half the bridge covered by large construction cloth. The image above shows the second half of the bridge with far less obstructions. Needless to say, my planned shot was not going to happen. It was time to move on to my other planned shot (those shots are not loaded on this site). While traveling to my other planned shot, I took shots of the area. The lady practicing her acrobatics was at the seaport surrounded by historical ships and various ship traffic. At any moment in time, the seaport is full of ferries traveling from Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens to Manhattan, accompanied by various sea vessels such as tugboats, oil liners, trash transporters, clippers, coast guard and NYPD units. Mixed in this busy area are tourist site seeing helicopters, taking off and landing at the piers very five minutes.

Moving around the city you are able to capture different landmarks such as Elis Island, Governors Island, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the likes. The key is being patient, willing to travel to the locations and know the best time of day to make the trip in order to arrive quickly and with as little stress as possible. To see more photos visit Cruzing 4 Photos.


Archive Search

Central Park 067_peoriBuilding 211Central Park 102_peCentral Park 109_peCentral Park Bridge gracentral park duck origcolor and sketch tree and buildingMacro assignment 7 118_peWalking path central park twotone

Still going through my archive, came across some more images that made me say hmm. For some reason when I initially took these photos and reviewed them, I did not like them. Lately, I’ve been home far more than being out and about taking photos, perhaps it’s the sense of cabin fever that has allowed me to view and appreciate these photos with a different perspective. A few of the photos have been edited slightly, providing a bit more of fun to the image.

Photos from my Archive

Foggy Brooklyn Skyline_peBrooklyn Bridge BWFenced in_peView of BB with Taxi in foregroundMunicipal building 10_pe

Today I was reviewing my archive, seeing what I had and what I could discard. These photos were taken between 2004 through 2006 in lower Manhattan. The camera I was using at the time was an Olympus C725 Ultra Zoom with a whopping 3 megapixels. Amazing how far we have come and how most future generations will never know or understand what a 35 mm film camera was…guess it will be forgotten like the typewriter.

The first photo was taken near the South Street Seaport on a rainy day. The second was taken near the Brooklyn Bridge on a cloudy day, I believe it was the beginning of Spring. The third image was near First Avenue, not to far from the United Nations building. The last image with the taxi, was right next to the United Nations building, the highway goes right pass the United Nations building. I always found it odd that a building with such security protection was so vulnerable by passing cars on a highway. In the background you can see the hazy skyline of Brooklyn and the Williamsburg Bridge. The final image was taken in lower Manhattan, near City Hall. This in the Municipal Building of Manhattan—so if you want to get married, apply for specific jobs or deal with other city business, this is the building you’ll most likely visit.

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