When Life Interrupts…Keep Shooting

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We all have a passion. Whether that passion is writing, music, photography, art, reading, sports or whatever it may be, we all have that one thing that we love doing. No matter the time of day, no matter how exhausted we are, if given the opportunity to engage in the activity that we are passionate about many of us will not hesitate to participate. Yet, when the hardships and stresses of life bog us down, the daily naissances of life hindering our progress in all our activities, when even the most mundane task becomes difficult to complete and drains us mentally and emotionally our passions tend to suffer first.

We’ve all have experience a time in our life when we are overwhelmed, overworked, stressed, frustrated, felt lost and alone and displaced from the master plan of life. Where it seems everything we do, everything we try to do fails in a catastrophic way. When that moment happens we tend to forget our passions, the very thing that makes us happy and can help us unwind and refocus is quickly tossed to the side. Only to revisit that very passion when all the tribulations have been addressed and we somehow wonder why we did not focus more on our passion during the crisis, knowing fully that such time would have provided relief and comfort.

My passion is photography, the last few weeks has been difficult. The various activities of life and all the challenges and stresses that come with it and adding to that challenge all the responsibilities and enigmas of being a husband and parent of three children (all under the age of six) weighs down heavier than gravity itself. During the last few weeks I allowed the stresses to take hold, slowly but surely I became disconnected from my passion. I cannot remember exactly the day but I was speaking too my wife and the topic of photography came up and she suggested  I should create a photography project. Immediately the first thought that went through my mind was, “ugh, why so it can all go wrong!”  A few moments later I realized what I had thought and immediately recollected the last time I took photos. 

I am the type of person that will take my camera with me wherever I am going, I even take it to church on Sundays with the mentality of “you never know what you’ll see.” I began to reexamine my activities and noticed that I did not carry my camera wherever I went, I did not fiddle with my camera, in fact I had ignored my camera, allowing it to sit at the table all these weeks. I made a decision to start carrying my camera and made a conscious effort to start taking pictures again, at that moment it did not matter what it was. It was difficult at first, I had to force myself to become aware again of my environment and to look at things from a different angle. In a matter of days, that passion of taking photos, the joy I received in holding my camera and looking through the viewfinder had returned. The photos above were taken in the month of September and October. During this time I had to force myself to take the photos, at first I merely snapped away, no particular idea or site in mind. Slowly but surely, everything returned and the passion was at full force again.

We have to remember our passion, we must not allow the hardships of life to sway us from our passion. That passion we have is the fuel that allows us to continue towards our goals. Dipping into that fountain of passion can help rejuvenate the mind and spirit and allow us that respite to see the positive through the storm of life. That passion we have can easily spread towards other projects and goals. However, if we disconnect from that passion, we slowly but surely lack passion for other activities, no matter what they maybe. Either we become drones and act without care, passion and interest or we become filled with despair, self-loathing and expect everything we do to be a challenge that will defeat you.


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