First Snow Fall in NYC

 CTK Parking LotDove 1Family Walking in SnowFootball game 1football game 2Football game 3Football gameGates AvenueLinden StreetPickup Football GameShoveling Snow bwWalking down the sidewalkSnowy Night shot

Most people, including myself, enjoy the idea of snow, we enjoy the way it looks when it falls from the sky, covering everything with a soft white. Everything slowly changes and begins to look different and wonderful, even the worst building, block or neighborhood gets a small reprieve and allows for all the ugliness to be gone momentarily. With the joys of snow is immediately followed by the aches and discomforts of snow.  The shoveling of the front walk, the salting of your sidewalk, walking on the snow, clearing your car from snow and in far worst conditions unburying your vehicle from a foot of snow.

However, when the snow is light and the weather is not blistering cold, the day is quite enjoyable. The ability to go out and view the neighborhood, watching a simple walk to the store become something of a small mission for some individuals. Going to the park and catching a pickup game of football, seeing on occasion the dedicated jogger making his/her way through the snow. One of my favorite past time is to observe nature during a snow fall. Seeing the resourcefulness in these animals and the ability to withstand specific conditions is amazing.


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