Snow, Snow, SSSNNOOWW…..UGH!

DoveDove 1Bird in snow stormBirds in snow stormSnow Storm 1Shoveling SnowLinden StreetSnow Storm 2Snow Storm 5Snow Storm 6_peSnow Storm 7Snow Storm 8Snow Storm 9Snow StormWalking down the sidewalkFDNY rushing to sceneFDNY EmergencyFDNY 1

The photos above are just some shots in Queens New York with the last two snow falls. Compare to past snow storms, these last two were not so bad (though I’m sure there are plenty of New Yorkers who would beg to differ). Personally, the snow fall was not severe, you were still able to walk, drive and carry on with your daily routine.  The worst part of this event was the frigid cold! The first few images show the beginning of the snow fall, I’m always amazed at how adaptive the animals are to their surroundings.  Their ability to withstand certain types of weather and extreme drops of temperature is phenomenal. The birds in the image sat huddled together for the most part in pairs of two, sometimes you would find a set of three birds huddling together on a branch. The most active birds were the sparrows, barely sitting still long enough to have snow settle on their backs. The remaining photos show the snowfall throughout the day, these images were taken when I was going to pick my daughter up at school. Like I said, snow not that bad, wind and chill factor was a difficult.  As usual, during this type of weather a lot of people tend to have some sort of difficulties, as the last images depict, our first responders receive no time off, and their urgent need increase during these types of weather.

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