Time—Just Not Enough

Solitude edit with corel_1Restoration Hells Gate_1Hell's Gate 1enhance_1IMG_9629_1IMG_9612_1Gates Avenue_1Snow Storm 7_1


It has been a while since posting…so many things occurring at once and not enough time in single day. With the crazy snow storms, starting a new job, dealing with family and everyday situations, time became limited and my exhaustion increased. However, I am glad to be back posting and sharing my photos.

The first image is called Solitude, taken at Astoria Park in Queens New York. The woman was sitting quietly staring out towards the field, the bridge and water sparkled beautifully in the sun and melting snow.  The wind blew, the air was chilled but she never moved, sitting still, sitting quietly, lost in her thoughts.

The two images with the bridge is call Hell’s Gate Bridge, located also at Astoria Park. This bridge stretches over the homes of Queens residents, over the park across the East River into Manhattans’ Randall’s Island. The bridge was once known as The New York Railroad Connection Bridge and The East River Arch. The bridge carries Amtrak Northeast and CSX Transportation/Canadian Pacific freight.

The remaining images were taken around the boroughs, the train tracks and the light bulb were take at the MTA in Brooklyn, Myrtle and Broadway. The images of the snow were from the most recent snow fall, taken in parts of Queens.


For more photos, visit www.cruzing4photos.com and like us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/cruzing4photos


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