I am Back…

IMG_2479IMG_7174 -1IMG_7175 -1IMG_7176 -1IMG_0761 -1

It has been a while since my last post, unfortunately, life just got in the way and prevented me from faithful in uploading.  The above images are from this year, late in August. The first image was taken in Rainy Park, LIC NY.  The following images were taken in Staten Island, where firefighters responded to a utility pole on fire and spreading to nearby trees.  The fire was extinguished quickly.  The final image with the squirrel was taken at Astoria Park, Queens NY.  I was walking around took some great shot of the area as well as a hawk.  This squirrel was walking by searching for food.  I tried to position myself a few times to get a good shot but he would move each time.  I became annoyed and said, “Will you just hold still for a damn minute.” Next thing I know the squirrel stops and stands and allowed me to take two photos. I could not stop laughing.


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