The Things You Find on a Beach

There is nothing better than going to the beach to relax and enjoy the sunshine, the waves and all the beautiful people around you.  However, exploring the beach in the winter, let alone a beach that does not cater to the beach goer during the summer months provides a unique experience.  In Staten Island there is the Gateway National Recreation Center Park also known as the Great Kills Park. This park offers large green fields during the summer for people to explore and easy access to the beach, a beach which allows no swimming or sunbathing, however, you are allowed to explore and walk the length of the beach. 

This beach was littered with all types of materials, items ranging from drift wood, open clam shells deposited by the sea gulls, bricks slowly being eroded by the waves and sand, concrete beams and iron rods rising from the sand allowed for a great time to explore and examine the artifacts all around.  Below are some images of that stroll on the beach. 

DDP80bw0009DDP80bw0003DDP800019DDP800029DDP800017DDP800018DDP800021DDP800022DDP800023DDP800024DDP800028DDP800025DDP800027 DDP80bw0004DDP80bw0005DDP80bw0006DDP80bw0007DDP80bw0008DDP80bw0010DDP80bw0011DDP80bw0012


All photos copyrighted to William Cruz. Visit and


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