Find Every Opportunity To Shoot

Whether I am walking, waiting for my kids at school, parked somewhere having a quick bite to eat; I make sure to remain observant of my surroundings.  Everyday an opportunity arises which allows me to capture some moment in time. Images such as the man standing at the walkway in a Bronx neighborhood, the two friends taking a stroll on a cool spring day in Queens, or a tree perfectly captured by the sunlight on my block.  I carry my camera everywhere, no matter where I am, I am guaranteed to capture a moment.  Don’t allow the fact you have to travel, whether by public transportation or personal vehicle, or walking stop you from carrying your camera and capturing a moment.  Even if you travel through the same neighborhood everyday, there is always something that is different—you just need to be willing to think outside the box.

IMG_5421_peIMG_5173_peIMG_5456_pesunset at beach 1_peIMG_5101_1_peIMG_5429bw_peIMG_5240_peSunset at beach_peIMG_5471_peIMG_5495bw_pe

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Rainy and Foggy Days—My Favorite!

I love rainy days. Maybe it’s the fact that most people prefer to stay indoors rather than deal with the gloomy and wet weather.  The lack of people and the change of the environment can be subtle or dramatic—but it all comes down to how you feel about such days.  Foggy days excite me greatly—and it’s due to my imagination.  The fog allows my imagination to run wild and wander for a bit, as if a child, allowing the “unknown” to rule temporarily.  Fog allows for all that is usually seen and tend to be mundane to suddenly change into dramatic, mystical and mysterious objects, streets and walkways.  Everything changes in a fog, trees no longer look like trees, they become menacing, your cookie cut neighborhood slowly resembles a passage of a horror flick or some mystery novel.  Every step brings you closer to the fog that seems to never end, the thickness of the fog allows your imagination to run wild. Your stereotypical morning can become something different and exciting for a brief moment.  Once again, it all depends on how you look at the situation.  I prefer to allow my imagination to run wild, to relive the basic excitement I once had as a child when reading specific novels that described scenes such as these.

 IMG_5243_peIMG_5257_pe IMG_5249_peIMG_5274_peIMG_5252_peIMG_5276_peIMG_5253_peIMG_5278_pe

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Bored Inside A Car

How many of you have sat in a car waiting for someone to come out of their home or from a store? Waiting for someone can become frustrating but when you are stationary and must wait inside a car, it can become aggravating as time slowly passes.  Recently I experienced this while waiting for my wife to exit the supermarket.  Our children were all asleep in the car and  my wife needed to buy an item at the supermarket.  The projected time for this “quick” trip was five minutes—maybe ten minutes depending how busy the market was.  Needless to say, the market was busy, my wife purchased additional items to her original goal and I was stuck in a car with sleeping children and nothing to keep me occupied.  The hell one goes through when becoming dependent on their phone and forgetting it at home.

After fifteen minutes of waiting I realized that my wife would not be coming out of the market anytime soon.  I began to look around for something to read when I saw my camera—I figured I might as well take some shots.

I started by taking a picture of myself, than the things around me.  After maybe another fifteen or twenty minutes had pass I realized I needed a model.  I went into a bag and pulled out my model—a KISS candy!  I began to “pose” it on my dashboard with my sunglasses.  After another ten minutes passed, the last image captures my mood and mindset.


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Gonna’ Try and Practice Street Photography

Been doing some reading on street photography and thought I should try it out.  I have never really done street photography with a 50mm lens or smaller. However,  I found a great deal of the photos that I’ve seen online are very captivating and it has inspired me to go out and try.  Never easy stepping out of your comfort zone but if you don’t you never learn.  For other photographers who view my work, any suggestions and advise is gladly welcome. 

 IMG_4840This image was taken inside a parking lot.  I was returning from a store with my daughter when I heard someone cursing. I looked up and saw these men trying to regain entry into the vehicle.                                                            IMG_4952I was waiting for my wife when I saw this gentleman walking towards the garbage can. 

IMG_4853This gentleman was standing in front of a local supermarket.  He had a rugged and worn face but when he saw me with my camera he turned around quickly and walked away.

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Don’t Ignore the World Around You

We are so accustomed to disregarding the environment around us.  We tend to focus on our objective and ignore everything that is occurring around us; if it doesn’t affect us directly we ignore it.  We have become jaded in our daily lives and we tend to miss out on the simple beauties of life.   Everyday, stop and take a moment to step back and observe the world around you.  Look at your environment, your surroundings as if it’s the first time and just look for the unique, the beauty, the different and brief glimpse of all the forgotten spectaculars around you.


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No More Snow Please!!!

Living on the East Coast allows me to experience different seasons and enjoy the changes in the weather. For me, Spring is the best time in New York City.  The weather is just perfect, no extremes in the cold or heat—just perfectly balanced temperatures. I am longing for Spring, and hoping the snow will stop.  Usually I don’t mind the snow, as long as it comes in one massive storm and doesn’t return until the following year. The last few weeks of snow fall has been a major pain in the ass.  Just when you think the weather is improving, mother nature laughs and drops more snow, which eventually leads to shoveling the car out, dealing with all the salt and eventually the sleet and puddles which slowly turns into black ice. Not to mention all the people who have car’s and for some reason only drive them in the worst weather possible  in which they become even more of a hazarded on the the road.  I am done with the snow, I want my Spring weather now. 

Low Res Photos

Beach on Snow Day_87TreeBeach on Snow Day_32Beach and BridgeBeach on Snow Day_81Jogger on beachBeach on Snow Day_8Beach on Snow Day_23Beach on Snow Day_42Beach on Snow Day_21Beach on Snow Day_10Seagull flying infront of water and poles_peBeach on Snow Day_44Beach on Snow Day_56Beach on Snow Day_85Beach on Snow Day_88Beach on Snow Day_92Beach on Snow Day_93Beach on Snow Day_95Beach on Snow Day_96Seagull 1Seagull

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