No More Snow Please!!!

Living on the East Coast allows me to experience different seasons and enjoy the changes in the weather. For me, Spring is the best time in New York City.  The weather is just perfect, no extremes in the cold or heat—just perfectly balanced temperatures. I am longing for Spring, and hoping the snow will stop.  Usually I don’t mind the snow, as long as it comes in one massive storm and doesn’t return until the following year. The last few weeks of snow fall has been a major pain in the ass.  Just when you think the weather is improving, mother nature laughs and drops more snow, which eventually leads to shoveling the car out, dealing with all the salt and eventually the sleet and puddles which slowly turns into black ice. Not to mention all the people who have car’s and for some reason only drive them in the worst weather possible  in which they become even more of a hazarded on the the road.  I am done with the snow, I want my Spring weather now. 

Low Res Photos

Beach on Snow Day_87TreeBeach on Snow Day_32Beach and BridgeBeach on Snow Day_81Jogger on beachBeach on Snow Day_8Beach on Snow Day_23Beach on Snow Day_42Beach on Snow Day_21Beach on Snow Day_10Seagull flying infront of water and poles_peBeach on Snow Day_44Beach on Snow Day_56Beach on Snow Day_85Beach on Snow Day_88Beach on Snow Day_92Beach on Snow Day_93Beach on Snow Day_95Beach on Snow Day_96Seagull 1Seagull

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