Gonna’ Try and Practice Street Photography

Been doing some reading on street photography and thought I should try it out.  I have never really done street photography with a 50mm lens or smaller. However,  I found a great deal of the photos that I’ve seen online are very captivating and it has inspired me to go out and try.  Never easy stepping out of your comfort zone but if you don’t you never learn.  For other photographers who view my work, any suggestions and advise is gladly welcome. 

 IMG_4840This image was taken inside a parking lot.  I was returning from a store with my daughter when I heard someone cursing. I looked up and saw these men trying to regain entry into the vehicle.                                                            IMG_4952I was waiting for my wife when I saw this gentleman walking towards the garbage can. 

IMG_4853This gentleman was standing in front of a local supermarket.  He had a rugged and worn face but when he saw me with my camera he turned around quickly and walked away.

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