Rainy and Foggy Days—My Favorite!

I love rainy days. Maybe it’s the fact that most people prefer to stay indoors rather than deal with the gloomy and wet weather.  The lack of people and the change of the environment can be subtle or dramatic—but it all comes down to how you feel about such days.  Foggy days excite me greatly—and it’s due to my imagination.  The fog allows my imagination to run wild and wander for a bit, as if a child, allowing the “unknown” to rule temporarily.  Fog allows for all that is usually seen and tend to be mundane to suddenly change into dramatic, mystical and mysterious objects, streets and walkways.  Everything changes in a fog, trees no longer look like trees, they become menacing, your cookie cut neighborhood slowly resembles a passage of a horror flick or some mystery novel.  Every step brings you closer to the fog that seems to never end, the thickness of the fog allows your imagination to run wild. Your stereotypical morning can become something different and exciting for a brief moment.  Once again, it all depends on how you look at the situation.  I prefer to allow my imagination to run wild, to relive the basic excitement I once had as a child when reading specific novels that described scenes such as these.

 IMG_5243_peIMG_5257_pe IMG_5249_peIMG_5274_peIMG_5252_peIMG_5276_peIMG_5253_peIMG_5278_pe

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