F/9; 1/1000; ISO 400; 160mm

Low Resolution IMG_5454

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Seagull Diving and Breaching Water

Low Resolution

Ever took time to watch seagulls hunt? Its quite amazing how these birds fly above the water, whether they are flying, gliding or hovering.  Once they spot some fishes and crabs they quickly dive down towards the water, all the while adjusting their position to correlate with their prey. Usually capturing whatever it was they were targeting. 

In the first photo the seagull is flying and searching for its next meal.  Spotting something in the water the seagull breaks away from a straight flying path and turns slightly downward.  The second photo shows the seagull preparing to dive towards the water.  In the third and fourth photo the seagull positions its body for the dive and eventual breach of the water.  During the dive the seagull adjusts multiple times, aligning itself with its meal. The final image shows the breaching of the water.  Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the image of the seagull returning to flight, it reappeared a few feet away from where it originally entered. 


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